TransTeleCom Company JSC has been our customer for more than four years, using the WNAM wireless access control system to provide an authorized Wi-Fi service at more than 250 railway stations of Russian Railways, as well as to the benefit of other Company customers.

TTK applies a distributed (cluster) installation of WNAM, connected to several dozen industrial border routers (BRAS) of the world’s leading manufacturer, located throughout Russia. Today, about 1000 access points are active, and more than 5 million subscribers have been authorized. Meanwhile WNAM provides:

  • the efficient introduction of new locations for service
  • the independence of authorization service based on any deployed type of local Wi-Fi network (can be built on any equipment)
  • centralized network management and maintenance
  • flexible access policies, the ability to apply personal settings on each location
  • centralized support for tracing a subscriber (SORM, Lawful intercept)

An authorization scheme based on electronic railway ticket number was developed and integrated for the convenience of passengers , which is followed by its online verification in the ACS “Express”. The WNAM system also supports authorization by access code (voucher), which is widely used by the Company while organizing regular events.