Technical Support Terms

We offer full assistance and technical support of your WNAM Wireless Access Management System installation.

The support service team provide an assistance by system remote access, a phone-call and e-mail The operating hours and response time as well as various work metrics is determined by the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Basic technical support for a three-month period is included in the price of the WNAM initial license purchased by the customer.

Netams LLC guarantees a yearly operability of the functions stated in the documentation starting on the date of purchase of a license for WNAM software.

Basic technical support

  • Dealing with the issues (including assistance, guidance) related to:
    • software use and installation
    • compatibility and interoperability with other software
    • interpretation of software documentation
    • diagnostic information review in order to localize the source of the problem
    • providing configuration examples
    • information on planned software patches (updates) release
    • support for debugging and errors elimination
  • Dealing with the issues related to the elimination of noticed malfunctions in the program codes of the system (excluding modifications, administration of the system itself and installation of updates to the system and applied software of the System on the customer’s servers)
  • Informing the customer about the release of new versions of the System software
  • Informing the customer about the expanded and altered functionality of new System software releases
  • Providing the customer with Administrator Guide for installation and configuration of the applied software components of the System
  • Providing the customer with recommendations for configuring system software to ensure uninterrupted operation of the applied software of the System accordingly to the required service level
  • Assistance to customer’s specialists in the following actions on updating the System:
    • installation of new versions of the System software
    • installation of System software patches

Extended Technical Support

  • Remote Administration of system and applied software of the System
  • The WNAM software code modification, developing and debugging additional scripts and utilities, providing that changes are minor
  • Verification of the installation and configuration of system software
  • Regular (at least once a day) reading of log files and error analyzing, obsolete log files removal or setting automatic log removal
  • Configuring and maintaining the Server monitoring productivity of the System
  • Analysis of the system application log file
  • Diagnostics of the DBMS System status
  • Processing of support tickets received from the customer
  • Updates installation, including emergency ones
  • The process of backup and restoring from backups
  • System configuration according to the customer`s requirements
  • Downloading and verification of authorization pages, greetings, etc.
  • Generating reports on the operation of the System and sending them to the customer upon his request
  • Updating the OS and system server software
  • Interaction with SMS provider and analysis of SMS message non-delivery
  • Providing up-to-date versions of WNAM software
  • Monitoring of a Linux server, MongoDB DBMS and Customer’s WNAM software (through software and the Zabbix server of the Contractor)

The information on the cost of extending basic technical support, and purchasing extended support, can be checked here.

Providing Updated Versions

WNAM software updates in terms of minor alternations (for example, all intermediate releases in the 1.5 branch) are free for users of the corresponding release and can be downloaded using your license key. WNAM software updates within the major versions (for example, when upgrading from 1.4 to 1.5) are paid, and worth a certain share of previously acquired licenses price (excluding purchased updates and technical support). Skipping the major version (for example, when switching from 1.3 to 1.5) is not fined.

According to statistics, major versions are released approximately once a year.

Personal modifications

If you need specific changes to your WNAM system, for example, in terms of supporting custom or specific equipment, creating new report forms, interacting with your information systems, API and interface upgrading, we are eager to perform this work on condition that we conform the task, timeline, and the price.