Technical Support Terms

We help you to run your WNAM Wireless Network Access Manager that you have installed by providing technical support services.

Technical support is performed remotely by providing authorized access to our support staff, telephone assistance and email without visiting the customer’s office. The operating time, response time and performance of work on requests of various types is determined by the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Basic technical support for a period of three months is included in the cost of the basic WNAM license purchased by the customer.

LLC “Netams” guarantees the performance of the functions stated in the documentation for one year from the date of purchase of the license for WNAM software.

Basic technical support

  • Resolving issues (including consulting, guidelines) related to:
    • using and installing software
    • compatibility and interoperability with other software
    • interpretation of software documentation
    • review of diagnostic information to localize the source of the problem
    • providing configuration examples
    • information about the planned timing of the release of software patches (updates)
    • support in the elimination of defects (faults)
  • Resolving issues related to the elimination of noticed faults in the program codes of the system (not including rework, administering the system itself and installing updates to the system and application software of the System on the customer’s servers)
  • Informing the customer about the release of new versions of the System software
  • Informing the customer about the expanded and modified functionality of new versions of the System software
  • Providing the customer with the Administrator’s Guide for installing and configuring the components of the System’s application software
    Providing the customer with recommendations for configuring the system software to ensure uninterrupted operation of the application software of the System according to the required level of service provision
  • Support of customer’s specialists when they perform the following works on updating the System:
    • installation of new versions of the System software
    • installation of system software fix packs

Extended technical support

  • Administration of the system and application software of the System
  • Modifying WNAM software code, developing and debugging additional scripts and utilities, if such work is not essential
  • Verification of the installation and configuration of the system software and the System software
  • Regular (at least 1 time per day) reading log files and analyzing them for errors, deleting obsolete log files or setting their automatic deletion
  • Setting up and maintaining the performance of the System Server monitoring system
  • Analysis of the system application log file
  • Diagnostics of the status of the DBMS System
  • Processing of incoming orders from the customer
  • Install updates, including emergency
  • Backup and Restore from Backup
  • System setting in accordance with customer requirements
  • Download and check the logged in authorization pages, greetings, etc.
  • Generating reports on the work of the System and sending them to the customer upon his request
  • Update OS and system software of the System Server
  • Interaction with SMS-provider and analysis of undelivered SMS-messages
  • Providing Current Versions of WNAM Software

For the cost of the extension of basic technical support, and extended support, please ask.

Providing updated versions

WNAM software updates as part of minor changes (for example, all intermediate releases in branch 1.5) are free for users of the corresponding branch, and can be downloaded using your license key. Updates to WNAM software when switching between major versions (for example, upgrading from 1.4 to 1.5) are paid, and there is some agreed share of the cost of previously purchased licenses (not including purchased updates and technical support). There is no penalty for skipping the major version (for example, when moving from 1.3 to 1.5).

According to statistics, the release of major versions is made approximately once a year.

Custom modifications

If you need specific changes to your existing WNAM system, for example, in terms of supporting exotic equipment, creating new forms of reports, and interacting with your information systems, we are ready to do this work subject to agreement on the terms of reference, deadlines and cost of the work.