WNAM Radar is your reliable Wi-Fi data collection tool.

All your visitors wear a smartphone, the wireless module of which is constantly looking for “familiar” networks, sending special radio requests. By collecting them using our WNAM Radar you can:

  • receive advanced analytics by the number, frequency, duration and category of visitor’s visit
  • compare visits among themselves at your different locations, and time
  • build routes and “heat maps” of places of the greatest concentration of people
  • upload collected data (“MAC addresses”) to advertising platforms for subsequent advertising targeting in Yandex.Direct, MyTarget, Facebook, Instagram, Mail.ru, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki
  • associate visitor visit data with phones from the WNAM authorization system
  • associate data with the security system, your CRM, and send notifications when entering / leaving the radar

WNAM Radar works on any household access points with free OpenWrt firmware in stationary and mobile versions, and with a data processing server in our cloud, or completely in your territory. Our radar can also be launched on some professional Wi-Fi access points while providing a guest wireless network.

The uniqueness of our technical solution is that it:

  • It is focused on installing the server directly on the network of a large customer, and it ceases to depend on cloud providers
  • Directly supports professional access points, eliminating the cost of deploying additional radar devices

WNAM Radar is in demand with:

  • Trading enterprises to control the influx / outflow of visitors and attract visitors by targeted advertising on the Internet
  • Administration of shopping centers for instrumental, quantitative assessment of “attendance” of various sections of the shopping center and balancing their rental value
  • Large chain retailers to optimize the choice of location for a new store – where there are guaranteed more visitors
  • Operators of crowded places (such as stadiums) to complement security systems and increase return on marketing campaigns
  • Telecommunications operators who want to organize a radar service for their customers from the above categories