Wireless Network Access Manager / Radar

Large shopping centers are extremely interested in controlling the flow of visitors, providing them with free wireless access to the Internet, developing services for tenants (statistics, paid access to the Internet), and placing targeted advertising. Especially for them, we created WNAM Radar – an analytical extension of the WNAM Wireless Network Access Manager.

WNAM Radar collects, stores, analyzes information from visitors’ mobile devices. It does not matter whether the smartphone is connected to the Internet, or simply stays in your pocket – access points continuously get information about all Wi-Fi devices around, and then, using a mathematical model of WNAM Radar, calculates the location on the map with sufficient accuracy.

You’ll get:

  • The ability to provide visitors access to the Internet via Wi-Fi in full compliance with the law
  • A large number of statistical and analytical reports using Big Data
    Information on the movement of visitors through the trading rooms: the most crowded places where they are delayed
  • Information on the dynamics of visits, regular and occasional guests
  • The ability to advertise targetedly, independently or through advertising agencies
  • The ability to sell Wi-Fi access to the Internet to your landlord at flexible rates
  • The ability to use a Wi-Fi network for technological needs (for example, POS-terminals)

How it works:

  • You place an order for the installation of Wi-Fi points in your shopping center; we install and configure our equipment
  • If you are already using Wi-Fi points from another manufacturer, you can most likely leave them too: in this case, costs are significantly reduced
  • We set up a Wi-Fi network, create welcome pages for subscribers, connect your social network profiles, receive a premium access payment system
  • We create and advertise your products in the system; advertising is shown to Wi-Fi subscribers
  • We train your staff to work with the WNAM Radar system
  • You start to profit from the sale of advertising and analytical information on the flow of visitors to your tenants