WNAM Radar is a suite of tools independent of the core WNAM (Wireless Network Access Manager) software that allows you to efficiently use the data customer’s wireless devices emits while “passing by” your wireless network location.

WNAM Radar consists of a:

  • software “radar”, located or installed on your equipment (access points), and collecting data
  • “cloud” server, processing data and providing a personal account with integration with popular advertising platforms

The technology of the radar is based on the fact that any Wi-Fi subscriber client device (smartphone, phone, laptop, tablet) periodically “emits” the radio frame in search of known wireless networks. The radar, in turn, receives and analyzes data packets, extracting the following information out of them:

  • Device ID: MAC address, traditionally represented as “0A:1B:2C:3D:4E:5F:99”
  • The (power) level of the signal, which indirectly corresponds to the distance between the radar and the client
  • Name of requested network
  • Other technical parameters

The frequency of “polling” data by the client, the parameters substituted into the request entirely depend on the behavior of the mobile operating system of the smartphone, and are not very predictable. Moreover, all modern devices use the technology of “MAC randomization”, in which the request does not contain its own, “factory” MAC address of the device, but each time a random identifier. This is to prevent device tracking, and our WNAM Radar service takes this behavior into account.

The data collected by the radar and transmitted to the server are used for two tasks:

  • Preparation of analytical reports on the relative movement of customers near the radar, as well as on the level of “involvement” of the client in the business where the radar is installed
  • Uploading collected MAC addresses to Yandex and MyTarget advertising platforms for compiling targeted advertising campaigns on their basis

WNAM Radar service allows you to effectively use your wireless equipment to solve both analytical and advertising tasks of your business