WNAM is a specialized software for wireless network access management. It is targeted to the guest Wi-Fi subscriber identification in accordance with legal requirements. (SMS, call, Government services, voucher).

WNAM is designed to be installed on your own network without of “cloud services” and their franchises; this ensures reliable storage of the collected data, and full control of your own Wi-Fi service. WNAM operates without recurrent charges for the service, and additional fees (except for SMS, at your choice). WNAM integrates with your wireless equipment or wired access routers, while all types of home, office and industrial Wi-Fi systems are natively supported with no extra devices requirement.

In addition to authorization (identification) of Wi-Fi subscribers, Wireless Network Access Manager has a flexible configuration system, web pages content builder, static and dynamic targeted advertisement option, survey tools, analysis of social network profiles, and an advanced reporting system. WNAM is installed on your physical or virtual Linux server, has a convenient web interface, stores all data in a database, and supports fail-safe cluster configuration.

In the domestic market we are the only company to launch the Wi-Fi authorization system with such a wide range of functions, types of supported equipment, to be installed on-premises. We have been developing WNAM since 2013, and currently all active installations have served about 10 million unique subscribers with 100 million access sessions, working with approximately 10,000 Wi-Fi access points at 2,000 locations in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Wireless Network Access Manager suits for private and public customers, small-sized and large-sized businesses, telecom operators and wireless networks owners. We offer a perpetual license with the right to install WNAM on your server equipment, integration and start-up services, custom extension to fit your specific requirements, various technical support and maintenance options.

Download product presentation: WNAM.pdf