WNAM – Wireless Network Access Manager

The only Wi-Fi authorization system to install on your server. No clouds. In your hands.

We will help to provide identification (SMS, call, voucher, etc.) of customers connected to your Wi-Fi network in accordance with the Law, authorization, application of flexible access policies, traffic redirection to your website and display of advertisement, collection of statistical data, the ability to lawful search and look for a subscriber at the database, and much more.

WNAM is installed on your own server, and you not depend on any clouds. After purchasing of our software license, your expenses are only for identification SMS.

Many types of wireless equipment (hotspots) are natively supported. You can implement your own Wi-Fi authorization in your live network in a day. WNAM allows you to manage a very large network, supporting thousands of hotspots and hundreds of thousands of authorizations per day.


WNAM natively supports 18 types of Wi-Fi systems, and 5 types of wired routers.


Server and data under your full control. No periodic fees. No 3rd party dependency.


No such a rich feature, vendor-neutral standalone Wi-Fi authorization system exists.


Full compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. NetFlow. Lawful search.

For whom we work

For business
  • By providing free Internet access to visitors of your business (cafe, hotel, office), you increase loyalty and meet current service trends.
  • When a user connects to a Wi-Fi network, you can redirect the browser to your company's website, or to a special page with a promotional offer.
  • WNAM collects various statistics on users connected to Wi-Fi, allows you to upload data for later analysis, and create online integration with customer service systems (CRM).
For advertiser
  • Together with the owner of the Wi-Fi network and the owner of the premises, you will be able to organize flexible advertising campaigns. You get the opportunity every time the user connects to the network to show him ad units, track the statistics of impressions and clicks.
  • Targeting is managed by hotspot areas (individual campaigns, depending on where the subscriber connects) and some parameters collected from the phone profile and social network profile. For example, if you deployed a Wi-Fi network in a shopping center, users connected at clothing store, will receive advertisements for this store, and in the restaurants area, an advertisement for a restaurant. Users of one mobile operator will be able to see an advertising offer of another, and foreigners will be able to get a special offer from a local travel agency.
  • WNAM supports a simple advertising scheme (included in the basic package), and extended with a separate advertiser interface (requires an additional license).
service providers
  • With our software you can easily start providing the identified guest Wi-Fi access for your existing customers - users of your Internet, telephony, and TV services. You just need to install equipment compatible with our platform - Mikrotik, Ruckus, Cisco, etc., connect it to the WNAM platform deployed in the core of your network, and configure personal account of the owner of the object.
  • By purchasing a perpetual WNAM license once, you get the opportunity to bill your customers for a Wi-Fi service every month. As your business grows, attracting new customers, you only purchase additional WNAM licenses for the serviced locations.
  • WNAM is fully compliant with legal requirements, works in a fault-tolerant cluster configuration, allows you to collect Netflow statistics and can interact with both carrier-class routers (BRAS) and your billing systems.
  • For the convenience of citizens, guest-friendly Wi-Fi networks are often deployed in public places — in the park, the public office, in the city’s playground, in the stadium. Legislation on mandatory identification via SMS or an account on the Public Services portal (ESIA) can be fulfilled using your own deployed WNAM system, with no monthly fees and long-term obligations to cloud service providers.

Where to start

To launch Wi-Fi autorized Internet
access service you will need
to deploy a radio network based on any supported
hardware, prepare a linux server and install
WNAM software on it