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WNAM – Wireless Network Access Manager

The only Wi-Fi authorization system to install on your server. No clouds. In your hands.

In accordance with the Law We will help to ensure the identification (SMS, call, voucher, Government services, etc.) of new subscribers connected to your Wi-Fi network, authorization, flexible access policy implementation, traffic redirecting to your website and  advertisement demo, statistic data compilation, the ability to search and track  a subscriber in the database, and much more.

WNAM is installed on your own server ensuring your independence of any cloud providers. After obtaining a license for our software, you go to expense are identification SMS only.

Lots of types of wireless equipment (hotspots) are supported natively. Your own Wi-Fi authorization in your live network takes one day to be implemented.  WNAM provides the management of an extensive network, with thousands of hotspots and hundreds of thousands of authorizations a day.

Download product presentation: WNAM.pdf


WNAM directly supports 18 types of wireless systems and 5 types of wired routers.

No clouds

Server, data, full control are yours. No subscription fee. You are independent of anyone.


Other on-premises systems providing such a range of functions do not exist.


Full compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. NetFlow. Lawful intercept.

For whom we work

  • Providing a free Internet access service to your business customers (cafe, hotel, office) you increase the level of customer loyalty and line with the current trends in delivery of your services.
  • When a subscriber connects to a Wi-Fi network, you can redirect the browser to your company’s website, or to a special page with a promotional offer.
  • WNAM collects various statistics data on subscribers connected to Wi-Fi, allowing to upload the information for further analysis, and create online integration with customer service systems (CRM).
  • Jointly with the owner of the Wi-Fi network and the landlord of the premises, you can organize flexible advertising campaigns. You get the opportunity to show to subscribers advertisement content as well as track the statistics of ad impressions and clicks each time they connect to the network.
  • Targeting is available on the basis of location (individual adv campaigns dependently on the spot of the connection) and a more options acquired from the telephone and social network profile. For example, if you set up a Wi-Fi network in a shopping mall, after the connection to the internet near a retail store visitors receive an advertisement for this store, and in a restaurant zone, an advertisement for the restaurant. Subscribers of one mobile operator will be able to screen the promotional offer of another, while foreigners will see a special offer of a local travel agency.
  • WNAM supports a basic advertising scheme (included in the basic license), and extended one with an individual advertiser interface (requires an additional license).
telecom operators
  • Using our software, you can easily begin to provide an identified guest Wi-Fi access service to your existing customers - subscribers of your Internet, telephony, and TV service. It is sufficient to equip the communication circuit for your customer at a business-center or a café with the hardware compatible with our platform - Mikrotik, Ruckus, Cisco, etc., connect it to the WNAM platform deployed and configure personal account.
  • Once purchasing a WNAM perpetual license, you get the opportunity to invoice your customers for Wi-Fi service on a monthly basis. As your business is growing and attracting new customers, you only need to buy additional WNAM licenses for next service delivery locations.
  • WNAM fully complies with legal requirements, operates in a fail-safe cluster configuration, can be easily integrated with your Lawful intercept system, ensures Netflow statistics collection, and can interact with both carrier-class routers (BRAS) and billing systems.
state-owned enterprises
  • Free Wi-Fi networks are often set up in public places - in the park, multifunction public service centers, on the city square, in the stadium for the convenience of citizens. The legal requirement for mandatory identification via SMS or a personal account on the State Services portal (ESIA) can be performed by means of your own WNAM system, without a monthly fee or long-term obligations to cloud service providers.

Where to start

To launch Wi-Fi access service with authorization
you need to set up a radio network based on any
supporting hardware, prepare a Linux server and
install WNAM software on it