Our main development, Wireless Network Access Manager, is the most technologically advanced solution in its class, with support for a wide range of equipment, many features, an advanced reporting system, and high reliability. We are proud of it, so we developed WNAM Radar on the same principles.

Our radar implementation supports various equipment, including the ability to use the same access points at the same time for “Wi-Fi distribution”.

In our algorithms we use the best practices described in modern foreign scientific literature, as well as our own experience and know-how. We use:

  • 100% proprietary code written in Java, Python and C. No “flipping” of open-source development
  • You always remain the owner of your radar, with full access to the device, without restrictions and “super-firmware”
  • Algorithms that allow you to effectively work with “random MAC addresses”, useless for advertising, but useful for other analytics and Big Data
  • Active Radar technology, at your request forcing a smartphone to reveal its real MAC address
  • Complex mathematical methods of data processing, including linear algebra optimization algorithms, probability theory, neural networks, Kalman filters and much more

We offer our system both in the cloud version and for installation on your own servers. The cloud version is planned to be significantly cheaper than that of competitors, and at the moment it is generally free. The alienated option provides for perpetual, without mandatory payments, licensing.

We work with large customers and telecom operators who value reliability and features, rather than beautiful marketing words. We are ready to modify the radar for your specific tasks, for example, implement a special report, upload data, integrate with your CRM system.

We do not promise miracles for a 100,500-fold increase in the number of your visitors the day after the inclusion of the radar and + 10% of revenue per week. The radar, in principle, cannot display ads itself, especially not send SMS and Push notifications to visitors’ smartphones (unless your application is installed on the smartphone, or you know its phone number). WNAM Radar is a good tool that gives significant returns when used properly.

We provide technical support and work on SLA.