WNAM Radar collects MAC addresses of your users’ devices.

Some of these addresses are “random” and can be filtered out. For advertising purposes, they are useless. An array of addresses can be uploaded to a file for further processing by third-party tools.

Visitors’ smartphones emit mostly “randomly generated” MAC addresses. There is no way to recover a real address from random. Read more in our article.

WNAM Radar allows you to automatically upload data to external advertising systems, Yandex.Direct (YAN) and myTarget (mail.ru, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte). To do this, for each radar, or group of radars, you need to create a “data segment”, bind your accounts to it, adjust the schedule and volume of uploads.

After the data is uploaded, on the side of the advertising system they are processed – checking for matches with other identifiers there and visitor profiles. They can be collected by the advertising network from the data of the browser installed on the smartphone application, etc.

Now the ad network allows you to compare your MAC addresses with the information it has about age, geographic data, interests of your visitors, and set up advertising campaigns on this basis. At the same time, the advertisement displayed in the visitor’s browser, possibly even at home, on another device, will be targeted only to those who passed your territory, i.e. hit the radar coverage area. In this case, the conversion (effectiveness) of the advertising campaign becomes higher, since the advertisement goes not to everyone, but exclusively to your target audience!

No radar, including ours, is able to independently attract visitors to you. The radar does not “magnetize” anything and does not itself bring buyers. It helps to collect data that you independently use in your online advertising campaigns.