WNAM software is a paid product. We distribute it in the form of a “boxed version” through the sale of licenses (non-exclusive perpetual right), also we provide turn-key, modification, and technical support services. The software is provided in the form of a binary distribution (without source codes).

Licensing Terms:

  • Perpetual license
  • There are no restrictions to the number of subscribers in the database, the number of simultaneously active subscribers
  • WNAM licensing is based on the number of wireless access points (for large, concentrated installations) or the number of locations (sites) of your Wi-Fi service, considering the number of Wi-Fi access points on each. What is a “location” – ask, or see in the documentation
  • The basic license includes all methods of subscriber authorization (SMS, call, voucher, “Government/Public services”, Active Directory, etc.) with no access points or locations, all reports, notifications, personal accounts of the location’s owner
  • The cost of a license for each location depends on the number of access points on it
  • You can start working with a basic license and several additional location licenses with further purchase of extra licenses if needed
  • We do not offer unlimited licenses according to the number of locations and access points, but propose discounts for large volume purchases

Additionally licensed:

  • work with industrial routers / access server (BRAS) such as Cisco ISG, Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei NE, Juniper MX
  • full branding of authorization / welcome pages displayed to subscribers
  • interaction with SORM/Lawful intercept
  • operation in a failover/cluster configuration
  • advertising campaigns module with separate interfaces of the advertiser and advertising agent
  • paid access module, including interaction with external billing systems
  • External authorization portal / RADIUS server integration mechanism

All WNAM users of versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 can get a free update to the latest release of version 1.2. All users of versions 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5 can get free updates to the latest releases of your product versions. WNAM users of previous versions (1.2-1.4) can upgrade to current version 1.5 for an insignificant share of an existing license value (excluding the cost of previously purchased upgrades).

The WNAM wireless access control system was registered in the Russian Register of computer programs and databases in 2016 and comes to be a completely Russian development, made from scratch. We do not offer “open source product repackage” under our name.

According to paragraphs 26 p. 2 Article 149 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation ,the transfer of rights software is not subject to VAT. However, at cross-border sales certain local taxes payments may apply.

We work only with legal entities.

Since the cost of WNAM license depends on a number of conditions (the equipment you use: routers, controllers, Wi-Fi points; the number of Wi-Fi locations, additional functions, SLA and technical support requirements, etc.), we do not indicate prices here. Contact us with a request saying:

  • Name of your company, city / regions of work
  • Used or planned wireless equipment
  • The number of locations (sites) providing Wi-Fi services, and the number of access points on them
  • Requirements for the type of authorization, fault tolerance, branding, integration, etc.

For small installations

If you have only a couple of access points at one cafe or a store, and extra expenses such as buying and maintaining a server, hosting, or hiring an administrator are not commercially acceptable to you business, then we suggest that you use the WNAM software installed in the cloud by our partners in Russia, Belarus and Uzbekistan.