Multi-service telecom operators cooperating with large corporate customers are interested in constant expanding of their product portfolio. One of the options may become the providing of authorized guest access to the Internet, implemented on either existing or leased wireless infrastructure on the territory of the customer.

Orange Business Services, a global communications service provider, which owns offices and a large customer base in Russia, has chosen WNAM as an authorization platform offering it as a SaaS service to its own customers. Expanding the Internet access service as well as the global corporate IP-VPN network service, telephony and data center services, information security, Orange supplied its customers with a controlled, reliable guest Wi-Fi option at their offices. The high SLA requirements imposed by Orange required the implementation of the fail-safe (cluster) WNAM configuration, the launching of service delivery and service assurance processes, round-the-clock technical support, and WNAM modification according to the requirements of demanding customers.

WNAM supports the simultaneous operation of several controllers (hotspots) of different types installed both in the Orange data center and on the Orange customer datacenters, which are connected to the authorization platform via VPN circuits. This enables the clients of the provider to view the authorization system settings, change the interface of the welcome pages, analyze the collected reporting data individually for each Wi-Fi service location.